Data Science for Human Behaviour Modeling

Data Science and AI for Air and Space

Optimize your operational environments

Successfully implement advanced analytics and AI applications that are compatible with REAL HUMAN data in operational environments.

Non-invasive Data Collection and Pre-Processing

Our solutions are compatible with real-time and non-invasive sensors (ECG, EEG, Eye Tracker) adapted to operational environments such as cockpits.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms without black boxes

Pattern identification and behaviour prediction methodologies in operational environments and training environments -- Science-backed, trustable and interpretable.

Our Projects

Data-Driven Solution For Objective Assessment of Pilot Workload

Human behaviour modeling through ECG, EEG, Eye Tracker and Flight Data using Data Science and AI

  • Support instructor judgment, supplement it with “live” quantitative analysis

  • Personalize training as student pilots progress through performance objectives

  • Improve safety

Learn more about our Initiatives and Partners

We are an advanced R&D team, and we work closely with research partners and industry experts in the fields of AI, Data Science, Aviation and Cognitive Science.

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